Daylight Real Estate Photography (indoor and outdoor combined):

  • 0000-1499 sq. ft. = $225
  • 1500 - 1999 sq. ft. =   $255
  • 2000 - 2499 sq. ft. = $275
  • 2500 - 2999 sq. ft. = $325
  • 3000 - 3499 sq. ft. = $425
  • 3500 - 3999 sq. ft. = $500
  • 4000 - 4499 sq. ft. = $525
  • 4500 - 4999 sq. ft. = $550
  • 5000 - 5499 sq. ft. = $575
  • 5500 - 5499 sq. ft. = $600
  • 6000 - 6499 sq. ft. = $675
  • 7000 - 7499 sq. ft. = $725
  • 7500 - 7900 sq. ft. = $775
  • 8000 - 8499 sq. ft. = $825
  • 8500 - 8900 sq. ft. = $950
  • 9000 - 9499 sq. ft. = $1000
  • 9500 - 10,000 s.ft. = $ 1200

*All pricing subject to adjustment based on delineation of "standard" or "luxury" property; Similarly, all pricing subject to change due to variables such as a large shop, RV bay, boat house, extra garage space, and add-ons such as specially requested shots, vignettes, additional driveway space, etc.  

  • $50-75 additional for rentals and AirBnB (extra shots, extra features) 
  • Daytime Exteriors Only: $75-150, depending on property
  • Twilight Exteriors Only: $125-275, depending on property
  • HOA Amenities Photos: $75+
  • Virtual Staging: $16 per image
  • Non-local travel fee: $.70 cents per mile


Becky Beacham: (509) 828-9978


Business Portrait Sessions in-Studio:

One Fantastic Headshot, retouched: $155

Two outfits, two fully-edited/retouched images: $250 

Four outfits, four fully-edited/retouched images: $420

Business Portrait Session w/Hair & Makeup in-Studio:

Two outfits, two fully-edited/retouched images: $375

Four outfits, four fully-edited/retouched images: $500



Shooting and Delivery:

1. It is strenuously recommended that agents inform their clients of the official shoot time so that any and all vehicles are garaged or removed before Mr. Gilbert's arrival; Conversely,"on-time" appointments are always and forever a priority, but may vary up to 30 minutes due to weather variables, traffic patterns/accidents, unprepared homeowners at a particular listing before yours; Acts of God. Delivery of images is guaranteed within 48 hours, but most often takes place the next business day before noon.

2. Occasionally an agent will receive an offer on the listing that's already been photographed and edited; a discount or refund on or for the work already performed is not an option, and agents are encouraged to consider professional imaging as a service intended for the listing to go "live" (simultaneous/subsequent offers notwithstanding).

3. Discounts or refunds are not available on work performed that (for any reason at all) the homeowner finds "incorrect." Why? Due to differences in electronic devices and settings, the colors, exposure and detail created on my professionally-calibrated 27" iMac with Retina Display may not precisely match those of another device. Hence, re-shoots (although rare) are offered by special arrangement to the realtor only and are subject to strict review.

4. Throughout the changing seasons, "dusk" shoots happen exactly at sunset (soft wrapping light) and "twilight" shoots are defined as the period of time when the sun is well below the horizon (much more contrasting light when ground is dark and sky is lightish); the home's interior and exterior lights should all be on and any pool or BBQ cover should be removed well prior to the photo shoot. 

5. Should the person who originally requested a work order fall ill or become incapacitated for any reason, they (or a representative of their interests or company) must contact Mr. Gilbert with regards to the situation and circumstances at least 60 minutes before the appointment time to avoid paying 50% of the shoot fee. Homeowners must be notified as to the date and time of the appointment prior to the shoot arranged on Schedulista (using the link at the top of this page). Invoice balances are expected to be paid within 48 hours, starting the moment the photography begins. An appointment made on Schedulista, via phone call, text, Messenger or email is a legally binding work order that may be used in legal proceedings as necessary. 

6. Agents (or their representatives) that make a listing appointment and then fail to cancel it shall be charged a flat rate of $200. Also, a late fee of $100 per day applies 5 days beyond the delivery date. 

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